work at pentagram

For cyberhomes, i developed a single page interactive web application that used a variety of data from Placebase's Pushpin API & ESRI to generate neighborhood attribute breakdowns in a highly typographic manner.

With takaaki okada & lisa strausfeld, html/js/css 2008

For litl, i developed various interaction sketches for home-screen animations on the litl home computer. In particular, this behavior of grid-rolodex-perspectival views for displaying various sorts of dynamic data on the litl

with christian marc schmidt and lisa strausfeld. actionscript 3 w/ papervision 3d. 2008

This is video of the litl interaction work. The work is all actionscript 3 with papervision 3d and tween light.

This work was then forwarded off to litl and shared with Cooper who was producing a competing ui at the exact same time, although their vision was primarly based in the ideology of Windows ui conventions.

Here's the cyberhomes neighborhood match web app. Each neighborhood/zip code is subdivided by various interestingly-named socioeconomic groups from the data that esri has collected. The idea is to allow you to gain perspective of your own neighborhood in order to help you pick out others with similar traits.

Each group's purchasing power / income is represented by their hue of green. Darker greens have more money while lighter green has less. The video allows you to contrast an area like Providence, Rhode Island with Beverly Hills, California.

The delay mid load has to do with blocking that happens as a result of how the pushpin api forces you to perform redundant calls and a weird issue where receiving extra data mid-animation caused old jquery builds to stutter their animation timer.