API Docs

The goal was to create a novel way of browsing a complex api documentation system.

This was an interface i designed in 2006 for exploring renesys' gnapi. It wasn't used, as it was kind annoying (i can dig) and it broke the browser's search function: still a big problem for many web apps. I could have probably fixed that by doing some local search, but i didn't for some reason. I was a pretty bad developer back then.

The site was built using the base XML file for the api documentation which was fed through an XSLT stylesheet i made that then gave me something that i could turn into this sort of interface.

The novelty here is really the card metaphor, which is sort of no-nonsense and pretty straightforward, at least mentally.

The page just stopped working recently on safari, so i'm uploading this so that i have some visual record of what it did when it worked.

A Renesys GNAPI demo from Marcos Ojeda on Vimeo.